1960-1961 The beginning

Tom Managhan and brother, James bough “DomiNick’s” – a pizza restaurant at Ypsilanti Mich with the price of 500 dollar and changed its name to “Domino’s Pizza, Inc”

1968-1975 Bad Luck

In 1968, Domino's Pizza headquarter burn down by fire. In 1975, Amstar Corp, a sugar supplier name Domino sued Domino's Pizza for the name of Dominon.

1978 Keep The Peace

Along with the dark spots, Domino's Pizza continued to thrive and opened more than 200 franchise stores in the United States.

1983 Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza opened its first overseas store in Winnipeg, Canada. The first store in Australia is in Queensland. The 1000th store opened in 1983.

1985 Growing

Domino’s Pizza opened more 954 stores, increased total stores to 2,841 and became the fastest-growing pizza chain in the United States.

The first Domino's Pizza store opened in the United Kingdom, in Luton

1989 The Deep Pan Pizza

New products are introduced to the menu and loved by everyone. The 5,000th store of Domino's Pizza is opened

1996 Online Order

Introducing www.dominos.com. Global revenue reach 3 billions dollar.

1998 Domino’s Heatwave ®

Domino's introduces new revolution in the pizza industry. HeatWave® bags. New technology that could keep pizza always hot when delivered to the customer.

2000 - 2,000th Store

Domino's Pizza International opened its 2,000th store outside the United States. Domino's celebrates 40 years of development around the world. At the same time, global sales reach more than $ 3.54 billion.

2010 50 Years Celebrating

In 2010, Domino's Pizza celebrated 50 years of operating. First store opened in Vietnam on 19 November 2010

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