Membership RankingMemberSilverGoldPlatinum
Upgrade Conditions

(*) Total Spending within Period

Free Registration≥ 5,000,000đ≥ 10,000,000đ≥ 30,000,000đ
Additional Reward Points Rate for Each Membership Ranking0+10%+15%+20%
10,000đ = 1 point10,000đ = 1.1 points10,000đ = 1.15 points10,000đ = 1.2 points
Birthday OffersOffers will be sent during the member's birthday month. Details will be updated soon.

(*) Period: 2 spending periods are 01/04 - 30/09 & 01/10 - 31/03.

1.1. Upgrade/Downgrade regulations

  • Members will be downgraded in the next period if the total spending in the current period decreases as per the table above. Maximum downgrade occurrences in a period are limited to 1.

  • Members will be upgraded immediately if the total spending in the period reaches the requirements of the respective rank. Maximum upgrade occurrences in a period are limited to 3 (with Platinum being the highest rank). Note: Upgrade rank will take effect immediately at the end of the day of the transaction which increases the total spending to meet the requirements of a higher rank.

1.2. Points Accumulation regulations

  • Domino’s Pizza loyalty points are accumulated based on transactions with accurately provided member phone numbers on the latest version of the Domino’s Pizza Vietnam mobile app, website, and Domino’s Pizza stores.

  • Reward points are calculated based on the final payment amount of each transaction after deducting gift vouchers, discount codes, or other promotions from Domino’s Pizza. Total spending is the actual amount paid by the customer after discounts, and deductions, without rounding.

  • Reward points will be added to the member's account at the end of the transaction day.

  • Loyalty members will start earning points for transactions from (the program launch date).

  • Reward Points accumulation is based on total spending: 10,000 VND = 1 Point (with additional reward points according to the Membership Rank Reward Points Rate).

1.3. Redeem points regulations

  • Points Conversion Rate: 1 Point = 1,000 VND

  • Points have no cash redemption value.

  • Member points will be deducted immediately upon usage.

  • Accumulated points have a usage deadline for each accumulation period. Before the expiration date (07 days before the accumulation period ends), the system will send notifications/emails to inform members. If members do not redeem points before the expiration date, all accumulated reward points will be lost. Accumulation period details are as follows:

    • Accumulation period from 01/04 to 30/09: Points will expire after 31/10.
    • Accumulation period from 01/10 to 31/03 of the following year: Points will expire after 30/04 of the following year.

1.4. Birthday Offers

Offers will be sent during the birthday month to customers who have registered as loyal members of Domino’s Pizza under the following conditions:

  • Customers accurately update their birthdate on the Personal Information page of the latest version of the Domino’s Pizza Vietnam mobile app.

  • Limit of 01 voucher/01 member/01 year.

Note: Domino's Pizza will inform loyal members of the start time and details of the birthday offers as soon as possible.


2.1. How to Register as a Domino’s Pizza Member

Customers must download the latest version of the Domino’s Pizza Vietnam mobile app on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and register an account to join Domino’s Pizza's membership program.

Each customer is allowed to own only one Domino’s Pizza member account.

Customers can join the Domino’s Pizza membership program through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Download the Domino’s Pizza Vietnam mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.

  • Step 2: Provide a phone number, email, and personal information.

  • Step 3: Enter the OTP code sent to the phone to complete the account registration.

2.2. What Benefits do Domino’s Pizza Loyalty Members Enjoy?

By participating in the Domino’s Pizza membership program, customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Place orders and accumulate reward points on the Domino’s Pizza Vietnam mobile app.

  • Use accumulated points to get exclusive benefits from Domino’s Pizza.

  • Incremental privileges correspond to each membership Rank.

2.3. How to Check Accumulated Points?

Customers can check their accumulated points in the Rewards section on the latest version of the Domino’s Pizza Vietnam mobile app.

2.4. Other Issues?

Contact the hotline 1900 6099 for assistance.